This pocket sized Booklet is an eight page compilation of the plans created from the Eidsness Construction Guide software. The booklet covers more construction detail and instructions than the other printout options. The lower half of the cover page has information, such as advertising, that is hard coded into the software and will appear on every booklet printed.

Four booklet pages print out on 8.5" x 11" landscape style paper. Each printout page consists of two smaller pages separated by a faint centre line. The faint centre line is a scissor cut line between the two smaller pages after cutting , the eight pages are then stapled together to form a pocket sized booklet.

Each smaller page has additional margin space on the left side to accommodate stapling together. This reduces the chance of obstructed content from the binding staples when the booklet is opened.

Below shows each of the four booklet pages as they printout before being cut into separate pages.

The footer advertising appears on every printout page including  the one page plan and the four page plan.

Two booklet pages on each 8 1/2" x 11" paper

Cutting the pages along a faint line in the centre of the paper

Pages stapled together to make a pocket sized booklet of plans